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Larger Beads

Ferrite Shielding Beads : Large Beads or Cylindrical Toroids

AL (nH/Square Turn or nH/N2) is the AL value.
L is inductance in nH (nanohenries)
N is the number of turns of a wire
Required turns (N) = square root of (desired 'L' /'AL'), √'L' /'AL', or 1000 turns='mH' /'AL'
O.D. is the outer diameter of the bead
I.D. is the inside diameter of the bead
HT is the height of the bead
Hole type is the number of holes in the ferrite beads. Some beads have multiple holes
CWS ByteMark Part Number is the part number to use to place purchase order. 1 inch = 25.4 mm
Color may vary by material and coating characteristics

•Specifications and Data sheets in .PDF
•Mechanical Drawing in .PDF

Low order fees are charged to total a minimum payment of $25.
Quantity marked in red is subject to availability and prior sales, or back order.
Orders are processed in 2 to 3 business days.
Please call for volume and price inquiries or email

Part Number:

EX: SB-5621-31

SB = Shielding Bead, 5621 = Size Designator, 31 = Material Type

  Part Number Permeability O.D. x I.D. x HT
( in.)
Hole Type Quantity
on hand
SB-1024-77 2000 1.000 x 0.500 x 0.825 1-hole 0 $5.00
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SB-1502-43 850 1.000 x 0.500 x 0.250 1-hole 3 $0.95
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SB-5621-31 1500 0.562 x 0.250 x 1.125 1-hole 1219 $1.20
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SB-5621-43 850 0.562 x 0.250 x 1.125 1-hole 1303 $1.20
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SB-5622-43 850 0.562 x 0.250 x 0.400 1-hole 14 $0.40
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SB-5623-43 850 0.562 x 6.350 x 13.800 1-hole 1968 $0.55
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SB-5625-43 850 0.562 x 0.286 x 1.125 1-hole 261 $0.70
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SB-6251-43 850 0.625 x 0.312 x 0.562 1-hole 33 $0.90
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SB-6252-43 850 0.625 x 0.312 x 1.125 1-hole 24 $1.10
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SB-6872-43 850 0.687 x 0.375 x 0.500 1-hole 8 $0.40
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SB-6873-43 850 0.687 x 0.375 x 1.125 1-hole 659 $0.40
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