Ferrite Shielding Beads for RFI Suppression

Please click on the links below to see listings of CWS ByteMark's ferrite beads used in RFI and EMI suppression. Order them hassle free using our Verisign Secured on-line shopping cart.

Ferrite beads are useful in the attenuation of unwanted RF signals. When dealing with noise problems, it is helpful to know the frequency of the interference. This will determine the correct materials to use. There are many sizes and materials available. The SMALLER BEADS are used to slip the leads through the hole and is a single turn device. The LARGER BEADS are shaped like a cylinder or a long toroids and you can put a few turns through them to provide a higher attenuation The BEADS ON LEADS comes with leads already attached to the ferrite and it has single or multiple turns. The PC BOARD BEADS are single or multiple turn beads with leads configured for direct mounting to PCBs. The SURFACE MOUNT BEADS are multiple turn beads with surface mount leads.

For technical details, please visit our technical website: www.bytemark.com

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Smaller Beads

Larger Beads
Beads on Leads
  PC Board Beads
  Surface Mount Beads