Bobbin Coil Forms:

Ferrite Bobbin cores provide a convenient means of winding RF chokes. Their open magnetic path can handle more current than toroids before the core saturates. These bobbin cores have leads already inserted at both axial ends.

Please see our technical website to get more details on the application of these bobbins.

Excellent for making your own small chokes.


Part Numbering : Type - Size - Material

We have standardized our part numbering system. All products from CWS ByteMark are now following the above part numbering system.

Part number: C-1111-77
C = Coil forms
1111 = Size
77 = Ferrite Material 77 ( Manganese Zinc)

Data Sheet in .PDF

Download drawing of Bobbin Coil Forms in .PDF

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Note: Please call to check on price and availability for other sizes and materials.