E CORES (includes 1 bobbin, 2 core halves):
Material #77, Permeability 2000, AL values given in mh/1000 turns.

Download Technical Data and Specifications of ferrites, including E Cores

Download drawing of E-cores in .PDF

Part Numbering : E-188-77
E= E Cores
188 = Dimension
77= Ferrite Material Type

AL( nH/Sq N) is the Al value. Required turn = square root of ( desired 'L' in nH / 'AL' in nh/SqN)
CWS ByteMark Part Number is the part number to use to place your purchase order
Power is the power handling capability of the core
Material is the Ferrite material designator where you can look up its properties at www.bytemark.com
U is the Permeability of the materials

Download Specifications and Data sheets of E Cores in .PDF


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Part Numbering : Type - Size - Material

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Note: Please call to check on price and availability for other sizes and materials.