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Ferrite Rods

Ferrite Rods - R Series

  • AL( nH/Sq N) is the Al value. Required turn = square root of ( desired 'L' in nH / 'AL' in nh/SqN)
  • CWS ByteMark Part Number is the part number to use to place your purchase order
  • Length is the length of the ferrite rod
  • Material is the material type where you can look up its properties at or download these pdf files
  • U is the Permeability of the materials.


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Download Entire Ferrite Technical
Data and Specifications
Additional Technical Data can be obtained from

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Please see pdf files for details. See link below for some sample PDF files.


Part Numbering


R : Ferrite Rod
037= Outside Diameter, OD ( In this case 0.37").
400= Length of the Ferrite Rod ( In this case 4").
61= Ferrite Rod Material Type

1) The prices shown below are for low volume quantity. Please call 
1-714-547-3276 or email for larger volume OEM pricing.
2) Note: Custom winding available!! Call CWS Coil Winding Specialist more information! 800 377-3244 .
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