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CWS ByteMark is located at 353 West Grove Avenue. In the city of Orange, California. Zip Code 92865, USA.

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1. RF Iron Powder cores and Power Conversion, and Line Filter Iron Powder cores for high Q circuits, RF circuits and Inductors.

2. Ferrite cores for Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) suppressions in 500 KHz to 500 MHz ranges. Special ferrites for the Ham radio band (3 to 30 MHz).

3. High Power (100 watts to 10 KW), broad bandwidth (1 MHz to 50 MHz). Balanced to Unbalanced (BALUN) impedance matching transformers for matching antennas to transceivers.
Ability to match 50 ohms coaxial to balanced line of 12.5 ohms to 600 ohms.

4. High Power and broad bandwidth Unbalanced to Unbalanced (UNUN) transformers to match 50 ohms coaxial to load of 3.15 ohms to 800 ohms.
Applications include Beverage antennas, Verticals, etc.

5. MolyPermalloy (MPP), High Flux and Sendust Cores for Line Filters, Chokes, Flyback Transformers, etc.

6. Coil Winding Services
Value Added Services: Coating of cores (epoxy, parylene, polyurethane), Coil Winding, Core gapping and grinding, Custom Chokes and Inductor designs, Custom manufacture of iron and ferrite cores.
Fast turn - 2 to 3 days, no minimums, low costs.

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